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flotation of copper slag in iana

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flotation of copper slag in iana

Separatingcopperand arsenic has always been a major problem in thecopper slag flotationprocess, which influencescopper slagutilization and the environmental safety. A comparative study of flash smelting furnace (FSF)slagand itsflotationproducts (concentrate and tailing) reveals the factors …

the recovery of copper from smelting slag by flotation

Feb 08, 2017· Abstract. Aiming at the recovery of copper fromsmeltingslag, a flotation approach was studied. It was found that this slag composed of fine particles with complex association and distribution, in which bornite was the main copper-bearing mineral after a detailed mineralogy analysis via polarizing microscope, SEM and XRD

copper in solidified copper smelter slags jalkanen

Copper losses in slag are of two main types: copper is either dissolved in molten slag as cuprous oxide (or as sulphide)or forms a mechanical dispersion in slag. For slag cleaning by froth flotation, mineralogy and morphology of solidified slag as well as chemical composition of copper‐bearing phases are of great interest

recovery of metal values from copper slags by flotation

The second route was found to be suitable for the treatment of the copper slag studied. In the flotation step, acopperconcentratecontaining approximately11% Cu …

recovery of copper and silver by flotation from smelting

The recovery of copper from smeltery furnace slag by flotation has been studied. By analysis the slag containing1.61% copper and 27.80g/t silveris available to recovery. The effective factors such as particle size, the amount and type of collector were examined. The combination of the collectors was also examined

utilization offlotationwastesof copper slagas raw

Nov 30, 2008· flotation waste of a copper slag (FWCS) as iron source in the production of Portland cement clinker. The FWCS appears a suitable raw material as iron source containing >59% Fe(2)O(3) mainly in the form of fayalite (Fe(2)SiO(4)) and magnetite (Fe(3)O(4)). The clinker products obtained using the FWCS from the

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Selling of Scrap metal and Minerals Ore,(copper,zinc,chromite ore,manganese ore,lead ore andSlagmetal ),Wood lumber and Aqua marine product. Address:Brgy Casandig Paranas, Samar Business type:Trading Company. Sun-s Mineral Corp

enhancing theflotationrecoveryof copperminerals in

Namibia Custom Smelters (NCS) process a rangeof copperconcentrates in their three furnaces, namely; top submerged lance,copperconverter and reverberatory furnaces, in order to produce mattes and fayalitic slags. Thecoppercontent of the …

how to recovercopperfromslagbyflotation

Table of ContentsDescription ofSlagSamplesPreparation ofSlagSamplesBatchFlotationTestsFlotation Test ProcedureFlotationof CopperFrom Slow-Cooled Converter SlagsFlotationof Copperfrom Water-Quenched Converter SlagsGrindability DeterminationsCost Estimate for theFlotation of Copperfrom Converter SlagsProcess for Slow-Cooled SlagProcess for Quenched …

recoveryof copperfromcopper slagandcopper slag

Sulfideflotationmethod for the recoveryof copperfrom Kazahstancopperfurnaceslagis discussed in this investigation. 50%of copperfrom theslagwas recovered by sulfideflotation…

recoveryof copper from slow cooled ausmelt furnace slag

The recoveryof copperby floatationfrom slow cooled Ausmelt furnace slagwas studied in this paper. The phases and composition of the slow cooledslagwere analyzed. The factors which affected thecopperrecovery efficiency such as grinding fineness, pH value offlotationmedium, different collectors and floating process were investigated

recovery ofmetal values from copper slagsbyflotation

For an air-cooledslagat optimized conditions, 72%of copperwas recovered in one stageflotationand a 12.6%copperconcentrate was achieved. The best recovery efficiency was obtained when 30 g

copper in solidified copper smelter slags jalkanen

Copperlosses inslagare of two main types:copperis either dissolved in moltenslagas cuprous oxide (or as sulphide) or forms a mechanical dispersion inslag. Forslagcleaning by frothflotation, mineralogy and morphology of solidifiedslagas well as chemical compositionof copper‐bearing phases are of great interest

effectof copperand iron ions on the sulphidizing

The treatment of smeltingslaghas attracted much attention nowadays. This study investigates the influence of Na 2 S, CuSO 4 , and FeCl 3 onsulphidizing flotation of copperoxide. The results show that a proper Cu 2+ concentration can increase the sulphidizing effectof copperoxide, while Fe 3+ inhibits the sulphidizing effect

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